Magic Affair – Omen (Limited Edition 2 CD) – CDA

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Magic Affair – Omen (The Story Continues… ) (Limited Edition 2 CD) – CDA


CD 1 :
1. The Commutation
2. Omen III (Single Edit)
3. In The Middle Of The Night
4. Homicidal
5. Fire
6. Water Of Sin
7. Under The Sea
8. Carry On
9. Make Your Mind Up
10. Give Me All Your Love
11. Wonderland
12. Thin Line
13. Fall Out
14. Fire (Trance Mix)

CD 2 :
1. Omen III (Tweek Dub Mix)
2. Give Me All Your Love (Plus Staples Mix)
3. Omen III (Magic Domingo Mix)

Year: 1994

Label: Cologne Dance Label

Vocals: Franca Morgano, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.

Produced by: Mike Staab, Bernd Breiter, Bernd Waldstädt, Rainer Kempf, Michael Schäfer

Remix: Tony Garcia, Plus Staples, Antonio Puntillo, Claudio Maifrini, Francesco Scandolari, Gianpiero Viani, Muaro Picotto, Max Aventino, Roberto Arduini, Simone Pagliari, Magic Domingo

Barcode: 724383110421

Sleeve: Very good
Discs: Very good

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