E-Rotic – Sexual Madness – CDA

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E-Rotic – Sexual Madness – CDA


1. Sexual Madness
2. Turn Me On
3. Save Me
4. Give Me Delight
5. Don’t Say We’re Through
6. All I Desire
7. I Want You
8. Gotta Get It Groovin’
9. Shenandoah
10. Send Me A Message Of Love
11. Is It You
12. When I Cry For You

Year: 1997

Label: Blow Up

Produced by: David Brandes, Felix J Gauder, Domenico Labarile, John O’Flynn

Vocals: Lyane Leigh

Barcode: 724348447029

Sleeve: Very good (Light use of the booklet)
Disc: Good (Marks on disc but plays perfect! / Marques sur le disque mais lecture sans problème)

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